Fashionable Monsoon

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Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: While the rains may be all warm and cosy if you’re snuggled up inside, you won’t find it as pleasant if you’ve got to step out. Then it’s all murky mayhem and gloomy skies. What can make it a teensy bit better is the right accessories. They won’t come in the way of your monsoon practicality by any means and might just make you feel cheerier. Throw them on and watch how quickly your rainy day goes from grey to yay. Rain boots in shades like yellow, pink or blue are an ideal choice this season. It is small essentials but a mini bag in a popping color doesn’t skimp on style.

The monsoon season wouldn’t be complete without an umbrella,  along with width and sturdiness, select a vibrant color. A bold, fun scarf can be added into your look in many ways; from being wrapped at the shoulders to being used in a scarf hairstyle. so just these accessories in your wardrobe and make your monsoon fashionable, comfortable and joyful.


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