Ideas for Healthy Monsoon

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Neighbourhood Health Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: With the beginning of monsoon, our immunity system becomes weak due to the weather changing, as such making us suspect for the various kinds of infections. With the excess of moisture everywhere, it’s the best time for harmful microorganisms to flourish. A healthy diet that includes immunity boosting foods can shield you against infections. To get you monsoon ready, follow the healthy diet. Indian spices such as turmeric and black pepper are known for their antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties that help in boosting immunity.

The monsoon is the right time to make the most of your love for garlic as it can help you boost your immunity and fight infection. It’s nature’s way of giving you a means to protect yourself from infection. It’s also a great dietary source of vitamin D. Make mushroom soups or stir-fries and enjoy. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc. are packed with health benefiting nutrients. Thus helping your immune system.


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