Delhi Metro Employees On Strike

698945-non-executive-staff-ptiNeighbourhood News Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: Delhi Metro workers plan to strike work from June 30 if their demands for better pay and a union are not accepted, potentially affecting the national capital’s main public transport. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) employs around 12,000 people, with non-executive staffers accounting for about 9,000. Our first demand is that that the DMRC Staff Council be changed to a DMRC employees union as the council is not a constitutional body and so, it does not have any teeth,” said council secretary Ravi Bhardwaj. “Other demands include implementation of our Industrial Dearness Allowance  as per the 3rd pay revision scale,” .

A senior DMRC official that during these protests over the past several days “metro services have not been affected.” workers said that “If our demands are not met by June 29, we will go on complete hunger strike and work in that condition, and drivers will drive trains in that condition. And, if anything happens to our members or to commuters then the DMRC shall be responsible for it,” Bhardwaj said, Even then if our voices are not heard by DMRC authorities, we will completely stop work from June 30.



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