Twisted Story of Burari Case

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Neighbourhood News Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: Two diaries found at the Sant Nagar “house of horror” have helped police make some sense of the bizarre “mass suicides”. According to sources, it appeared that Lalit, Narayani Bhatia’s youngest son, had been making notes on someone’s “directions” – possibly his father, Gopal Das Bhatia, who died 10 years ago. “It appears that Lalit had been hallucinating that his father was giving instructions to the family through him,” said an officer who studied the diaries.  The police confirmed that the diaries gave a step-by-step account of what happened on that night.
The Bhatias, who ran a shop in the area, seemed to have followed the instructions, some of which may have been written months ago. They conducted a “havan” hours before the suicides. The notings indicate that the family, at some point, may have tried to organise a “meeting” with Lalit’s late father.


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