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Neighbourhood Technology Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: About a year ago, Asus launched its ZenFone 5 Deluxe. It was a big deal for Asus, since this was the company’s first ever premium flagship smartphone. But despite all of its efforts, the device fell short of my expectations and as per my review was not up to the mark. In fact, I even concluded that the lesser priced OnePlus 3T was a better choice and it was priced a lot lower as well. Given its competitive pricing, it is obvious that Asus has built its smartphone with the OnePlus 6 in its crosshairs. Whether it’s RAM, storage, battery capacity or Soc, both smartphones have packed in enough to give you a tough time selecting one from the other.

But there’s are some details that separate the two budget flagships and one of them is software. Asus has come a long way with its Zen UI and it has integrated AI bits that are supposed to make the software experience smarter and hassle-free,  Then comes the camera. While both smartphones offer a dual camera setup, their approach to the same is quite different.  Asus has done its homework this year much better.


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