Changing Scheme of Schools leaving parents Puzzled

Image result for Pune School Issues Diktat on Girl Students' Innerwear Colour, Says 'Intentions Are P

Neighbourhood News Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: A top Pune school on Wednesday issued a directive on the girl students’ innerwear colour leaving parents puzzled. The new diktat by the Maeer’s MIT School says that the girl students are supposed to wear white coloured or skin coloured innerwear to school. Objecting to the directive, the parents of the students staged a protest outside the school and said that they were forced to sign the diktat in the diary of the students to make sure everyone obeys the rules. Speaking to news agency ANI, parent of a girl student alleged that the students are also being asked to not use the toilet “multiple times”.

The school has also reportedly allotted slots for the students of each class to use the washroom or drink water. “The intention to give such specific directives in the school diary was very pure.We had some experiences in the past which made us take this decision. We didn’t have any hidden agenda,” Karad Nagare said.


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