No Production of a Toy Car ‘Nano’

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Neighbourhood Technology Desk/ Simran Nijhawan: Tata Motors’ small car Nano is inching closer towards the end of its journey with just one unit produced in June, although the company maintained that no decision has been taken yet on stopping its production. In a regulatory filing, Tata Motors said there was no export of Nano in June this year. In terms of production, only one unit was produced last month as against 275 units in June 2017. Nano in its present form cannot continue beyond 2019 and may need fresh investments to survive.

Ratan Tata had admitted that the company made the mistake of promoting the Nano as ‘the cheapest car’.It became a loss-making model for Tata Motors with ex-Tata Sons chairman Mistry, who was abruptly removed from the post, even went on to claim that the Nano “consistently lost value, peaking at Rs 1,000 crore”.He had also claimed that Tata Motors did not stop producing the car due to “emotional reasons”.



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