Delhi likely to receive light rain over next week

Heavy rainfall brought relief in temperature levels in Delhi on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: India Meteorological Department officials have said that Delhi is likely to receive intermittent light rain over the next one week. Meteorologists had earlier forecasted that the monsoon trough, which triggers rain, was likely to shift towards the Himalayan foothills, But that didn’t happen and it continues to remain over Delhi and Haryana, triggering rain. National capital was lashed by rain, squall and thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon, bringing down the mercury by around 10 degrees Celsius. Maximum temperature shot up to 37 degrees Celsius ,one degree above normal on Thursday morning, mercury dropped to around 27 degrees Celsius, a drop of nearly 10 degrees after the rain.

Minimum temperature stood at 28.6 degrees, which was one degree above normal. Airport officials said there were minor delays in arrivals and no flight had to be diverted or cancelled, Metro services were disrupted on the violet line for around three hours. There were at least 40 incidents in South Delhi, in which trees were uprooted or branches broke off. Water-logging was also reported from some areas.


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