Gurugram resident beats plastic pollution with steel crockery bank

This Gurugrammer, who has introduced a crockery bank to rent steel utensils and cut down on use of disposable spoons, containers, etc.

Gurugram resident Sameera Satija’s initiative allows people to borrow steel crockery, and cut down on the use of disposable utensils.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Angered seeing piles of disposable crockery choking the drains, and cows eating styrofoam plates after people couldn’t care to discard it properly? Gurugram resident Sameera Satija didn’t just crib and forget it soon after. By starting a crockery bank!

Steel crockery bank originally began with a few glasses and a quarter plates, in June-end, today encompasses over 400 steel utensils. Satija bought the utensils from her pocket, but friends and family are offering to contribute more utensils. Gurugrammer, who has been working towards waste disposal management and as a volunteer to promote home composting. She’s also associated with volunteer groups such as Hara Bhara Gurugram and Citizens for Clean Air in Gurugram.


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