Delhi pollution: Fine dust kills 15,000 prematurely in 2016

Apart from the deaths in Delhi, the study also showed that Mumbai, which was one of five mega-cities considered from India.

The Bhalswa Landfill in New Delhi. Burning of garbage adds to Delhi air pollution.

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Close to 15,000 people died prematurely in Delhi in 2016 from illnesses linked to fine particulate matter pollution, according to a new study by researchers from India, Singapore and Thailand that assessed pollution-related deaths in 13 mega-cities in south Asia and China. Mumbai, which was one of five mega-cities considered from India, reported the fourth highest number of deaths. This is the first time the disease burden associated with PM 2.5 has been calculated for Chennai and Bangalore.

Severe air pollution episode in Delhi last November sparked concern with multiple agencies from the National Green Tribunal to the Prime Minister’s office to most recently the NITI Aayog releasing their own plans to tackle the issue. Despite this, no clear road-map to tackle the problem has emerged. Union environment ministry released a draft of the National Clean Air Programme. Draft was strongly criticized for the absence of specific targets for pollution reduction and the absence of adequate attention to the health impacts of air pollution.


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