Delhi’s ‘helpful’ killers hoodwinked cops to escape arrest

Cops say that the tendency of pretending to help the police is often seen among kidnappers who want regular updates in the probe to plan their next move.

A Delhi police barricade at the site of an encounter near Chhatarpur area of south Delhi (Representational photo)

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: 28-year-old woman and her two sleeping children aged 8 and 6 were murdered in west Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar three years ago, their neighbour Akram accompanied the police and assisted them in their investigations. He also went on to lead a rioting mob that tried to burn alive the woman’s landowner, the initial suspect.

But when the case was cracked, It turns out that Akram was the alleged killer. His proximity to the investigators kept him aware about the probe. And his “helpful” approach ensured police did not suspect him for the first few days. He is among the breed of “smart” killers in Delhi who managed to hoodwink the investigators for as long as a month, simply by pretending to help. Instead of fleeing, they chose to move with the police and stay with the victim’s family. But in most such cases, their “over smartness” gave them away.


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