Weight loss and cure for bloating are just two benefits of ginger juice.

Benefits of ginger juice: Ginger helps stimulate one’s digestive juices, thereby aiding the digestion process. It also has muscle relaxant properties that helps release trapped gases.

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Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: When was the last time one puts on their favourite t-shirt, only to realize their tummy is sticking out in a most unsavory fashion? Bloating of the stomach can be due to a variety of reasons, including excess gas formation in the stomach, bad eating habits, tension and smoking. And the best way to control it is by having ginger juice.

Ginger is very effective as far as gas relief is concerned. Although it doesn’t completely cure flatulence, drinking ginger water once a day helps prevent gas problems and acidity. Helps stimulate one’s digestive juices, aiding the digestion process. Also has muscle relaxant properties that helps release trapped gases. However, certain things need to be kept in mind when having ginger juice.

First, consult a professional before starting your routine. The ginger water needs to be kept mild as it can cause burning sensations in the mouth and stomach when taken in higher concentrations. Apart from reducing bloating, ginger juice has various other uses as well:

  1. Acts as a blood thinner which is a good way of reducing one’s blood pressure.
  2. Helps in lessening various pains such as tooth aches and migraines. Since ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent, it prevents the blood vessels from getting inflamed and increases the blood flow to the body, reducing pain.
  3. Aids those suffering from arthritis since it is an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces swelling and inflammation in those suffering from arthritis.
  4. Helps in cholesterol reduction since it removes blockages in blood vessels which could potentially lead to heart attacks.



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