Cracked heels can be healed, some natural remedies to help

Cracked heels are an eyesore and could later aggravate and cause pain. Here are some ways to protect yourself from it.

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Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Your feet are probably the most neglected parts of your body. While we do pay a good deal of attention to our skin or facial blemishes, cracks in the feet and skin problems are often ignored. Here are some simple tips to get smooth feet:

* Moisturize your feet: The lack of moisture can be a major cause of cracked heels is the lack of adequate moisture. Use a moisturizer twice a day to get rid of this problem.

* Warm water soaks: Soaking your feet in warm water that is mixed with honey can moisturize your feet as well as help to peel off the dead skin.

* Buy the right shoes: The kind of shoes you wear also make a difference. Avoid open-backed and thin-soled shoes which can lead to dirt gathering on the feet.

* Wear cotton socks: Walking around barefoot can expose your feet to dirt. Wearing socks can protect them from pollution and dust and keep your feet clean.

* Foot care cream: Opt for creams that list fenugreek as an ingredient to heal cracked heels. Fenugreek has moisturizing properties.


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