Delhi theatre boy making headlines in the Bengali film industry

From signing six films in just two years to sharing screen space with Adil Hussain and veteran actor Moon Moon Sen, Delhi boy Anubhav Kanjilal is taking all the right steps to stardom.

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Neighbourhood Entertainment Desk/Avi Arya: Actors Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah or Rajat Kapoor — Capital’s theatre circuit has gifted many talented actors to the film industry, be it Bollywood or the regional film industries. So, when 24-year-old Delhi boy Anubhav Kanjilal decided to make the transition from stage to camera, he felt it was the most natural step to take. But, what makes this theatre enthusiast different from the rest? While most film aspirants look towards the City of Dreams Mumbai to get closer to stardom, Anubhav decided to move to the City of Joy, Kolkata.

Life seems to have come full circle for Kanjilal – his Bengali film will soon be screened in his city – Delhi, at the Bengali film festival. The young actor, who has already signed six films, one of which is with filmmaker Arjun Dutta, whose short film, The 6th Element, made it to the Cannes short film corner last year, says shifting to a new city wasn’t easy. Though his debut film was a commercial comedy, Anubhav’s next is an art-house venture, where he stars with veterans like actors Adil Hussain and Arpita Chatterjee in a film that explores a complex relationship between a mother and his son. Keeping a balance, Anubhav expects to continue with his performance on the Delhi stage, too.


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