Some worse culprits of blocked drains

Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/ Garima Kotroo: How often you throw down food items like pasta , rice seeds and other things in kitchen drains ? Some food items in the drains  can cause serious damage to the drainage system. Here are such items that you should never throw down on the drains.

Seeds  like flax seeds , pumpkin seeds, chia seeds get stuck in the curves of pipes and cause blockages.

The worse culprit of blocked drains are pasta and rice. These can expand easily when exposed to water and clog the drainage system. So pasta and rice should be dispose off in garbage only.

Paper towels have a high absorbency rate which means they will expand in your drain and clog it up.

One should never pour any kind of medicine down in the drain as it can contaminate the groundwater, injure the wildlife, and can kill healthy bacteria needed to keep our ecosystem in balance. Medicines do not dissolve in water, they simply contaminate the water.

Grease like fat from cooking meat, cooking oil and dairy sticks to the insides of pipes and blocks the entire sewer systems.

When coffee grounds are thrown down the sink, it mixes with oil or grease already coating the pipes and create a sludge-like texture. The result is a clogged or blocked drain


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