Qualcomm develops antenna module to make 5G phones reality sooner

Current phone antennas aren’t capable of tapping higher frequency radio bands that allows new services and devices to deliver a flood of information. Qualcomm says it’s manufactured the first antenna module that will access millimeter wave signals.

Qualcomm,5G,5G Smartphones

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: Qualcomm Inc., the largest maker of mobile phone chips, said that it has produced a breakthrough in antennas for smartphones that means fifth generation, or 5G, services can be rolled out as planned and will deliver a surge in data download speeds. Is trying to eliminate technical barriers to the commercial introduction of 5G as quickly as it can.

Company is aiming to replicate its success in previous generations of wireless service when it forged a lead over rivals and grabbed the majority of orders for key components in phones, boosting earnings and profit.For consumers, if the new gear lives up to its promise, future smartphones will be able access data at speeds far in excess of what’s currently available over fixed-line home internet.



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