Losing weight too fast? Why crash diets can be dangerous?

Just like gaining weight too fast can be bad for our health, losing weight too quickly can be detrimental too.

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Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Everyone wants quick weight loss results, but only sustained efforts like having a balanced meal and working out can give you a healthy body. Losing weight too fast with crash diets can lead to multiple health problems.

Increased depletion of nutrients brings with it conditions such as sleep trouble, hormonal imbalance, among others. While these conditions by themselves may not seem too alarming, they give rise to diseases as a ripple effect.

Here’s how losing weight too soon can be bad for one’s health:

  1. End up malnourished
  2. It may lead to dehydration
  3. Feel tired all the time
  4. Digestion problem
  5. Slow metabolism
  6. Encourage gallstones



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