Microsoft reportedly working on Cloud-based Xbox streaming console

Microsoft’s ‘Scarlett Cloud’ Xbox console will reportedly stream games from the company’s cloud computing service Azure.

Microsoft,Microsoft Xbox console,Microsoft Xbox game streaming console

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: Microsoft is working on its next-generation Xbox console which is expected to come in two parts — traditional gaming console and a lower-powered system that would work on cloud computing code-named “Scarlett Cloud”. Specifications and costing of the traditional console are being speculated to be in its early developing phases, but streaming Xbox that are based on Microsoft Azure is likely to cost lesser than the traditional console.

Microsoft announced in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year that they are working on next-generation gaming consoles as part of Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox strategy. Microsoft’s cloud services make games platform available globally, running on any type of device, including “Scarlett” devices. Both cloud version of “Scarlett” as well as the traditional console may be released in 2020.


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