The historic Raghunath ji Temple adorned with exquisitive structures

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Neighbourhood Travel Desk: Raghunathji Temple is situated in Sultanpur. Lord Raghunathji is the chief deity of Kullu region. This temple offers amazing views of the surrounding region.
The pagoda-style temple is a beautiful example of Pahari architecture. The main deity of the temple is Lord Rama whose image is enshrined at the main prayer room in the temple. The temple is made of white marble and contains a beautiful vimana. The prime attraction of this temple is the idol of Lord Rama in his chariot. It is also known for its white pillars which are adorned with beautiful intricate engravings. This idol was installed at Raghunathji temple and is visited by devotees across the year.
Dussehra is the most important festival of this temple and it is celebrated in October / November. The celebrations include burning the statue of the demon king Ravana. The idol of Rama is taken in a chariot to Dussehra ground where the idols of Gods from different villages in Kullu valley gather. Best Time to visit this temple is from May to October.


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