Acne-free diet,foods to help get rid of skin condition

Balanced diet is the solution to control acne breakouts.


Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Facing acne trouble? A balanced diet along with a healthy lifestyle can help you cure it. Here are some of the foods that help keep acne away:

Brown rice: Is a rich source of vitamin B, protein, magnesium, and several antioxidants. For acne, vitamin B acts as our skin’s stress fighter, which will help regulate hormones levels and prevent the likelihood of breakouts.

Fennel: Looking for a natural skin cleanser, eat fennel. This licorice-tasting root vegetable can improve digestion, reduce swelling and flush out excess fluids and toxins from the skin.

Garlic: Is another super food that helps fight inflammation and full of a naturally occurring chemical called allicin, which kills off harmful bacteria and viruses that the body might be fighting, so it’s proven to be good for reducing inflammation in acne.

Fish: Known to be a good source of omega-3 and 6-fatty acids, fish is excellent for acne-prone skin. These acids reduce inflammation in the skin. Sardine and salmon are also good for the skin.


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