Company Garden facilitates the quality time for your family

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Neighbourhood Travel Desk: Company Garden is one of the most perfect picnic spots of Mussoorie. Maintained well by the Municipal Corporation, Company garden possesses amusement for people of all age groups, especially the children.

The garden is enveloped with beautiful mountains on the outside and has lots of joy to offer on the inside. There is a lovely lake with the facility of paddled boating and a small but pleasant waterfall. With nominally priced rides such as Columbus, baby train, and swing chair the kids are sure to have a good time.

The Municipal Garden is also famous for the diverse species of flowers and plants that are grown there. Another feather in the cap has been added with the addition of a wax museum in the garden. Lifelike statues of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Barack Obama are displayed to the delight of all visitors.

A food court inside the premises offers various eatables to keep the visitor’s tummy happy too.


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