Hacks to make your phones last out the day

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Neighbourhood Technology Desk/ Garima Kotroo: Todays’s biggest need of the world, mobile phones came with both boons and banes. One little issue that creeps up from time to time is that our smartphone battery running out often when we need it the most.

If you want to make your phone last out the day then here are some hacks that one can follow:

  1. Dim the brightness: A lot of us use our phones at maximum brightness. While this can be required for outdoors and not for when we use our devices indoors. You could either make these adjustments manually or let your phone do it for you.
  2. Let relax your screen: One of the most battery-intensive things you can make your phone do is wake the screen up every time there is a message or app notification. Switch off this your phone’s vibration or just change your compulsive habit to keep checking your device.
  3. Kill such apps: The more apps you run in the background, the more memory your phone needs to keep them running and this needs your battery too. Update those apps whenever they are available because developers are always working on the efficiency of their products, which they release as updates.




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