Sony launches new 5.1 home theatre systems in India

Come with 5.1 channel surround sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and tweeters.

Sony,Sony home theatre systems,Sony HT-S700RF

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: On Wednesday Sony launched two new 5.1 channel Soundbar home theatre systems in India on August 10.

Key features

5.1 channel surround sound is the key feature of Sony’s latest home theatre systems. Company also highlights limited wiring system for the new home theatre systems. Entire system uses only three wires to connect the main speakers, sub-woofer and additional speakers. On a normal scenario these many devices would require up to seven wires.

Sony’s HT-S700RF differs from the HT-S500RF in some key areas. HT-S700RF comes with two front and two rear tweeters, while HTS500RF has only two front tweeters. They differ in woofer sizes as well. HT-S700RF has a bigger 20cm sub-woofer, and the HTS500RF packs a smaller 18cm one. Another major differentiator is the additional speakers. HT-S700RF has two tall boy speakers, while users get two bookshelf speakers with HT-S500RF.


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