Eco-friendly destinations for sustainable travelers to visit this year

If you are travelling, ensure that you don’t pollute the environment or leave a high carbon footprint.

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Neighbourhood Lifestyle Desk/Avi Arya: Travelling may be fun, but travelers often damage the environment consciously or unconsciously. And while cities are the first to suffer from environmental degradation, the damage will sooner or later reach to the interiors of our planet as well.

Here are some Eco-friendly places that one can visit:

Sadhana Forest, Pondicherry

Focuses on water conservation and reforestation of Auroville land which has been eroded heavily. It relies on volunteers who come to work there all through the year from across India. As a volunteer, one can live in Eco-huts and work towards recreating the indigenous forests of the place. Community makes use of solar and wind energy, as well as use recycled water to rear fish. Are compostable toilets on the premises and minimal wastage of water.

Farm Kamp, Tamil Nadu

At this Eco-friendly stay, plants and trees are marked with their botanical name, and guests are given insights about them. Farm animals can be fed, milk cows, gather eggs and do other activities which helps you understand how to run an actual farm.

Inkaterra, Tampopata National Reserve, Peru

The Inkaterra Guides Field Station at the national reserve was earlier a research location and now welcomes volunteers from all around the world. It leads conservation projects based on local flora and fauna. There are visits to model farms and volunteers work closely with locals.



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