Government fears Dengue in the air

Municipal Corporations of Delhi reported 56 cases of dengue, 109 of malaria, and 37 of chikungunya in Delhi residents till August 4.

dengue,health crisis,delhi

Neighbourhood New Desk/Avi Arya: Delhi Government asks all hospitals and nursing homes to increase bed strength by 10-20% in order to anticipate increase in number of cases related to dengue, chikungunya and malaria over the next three months. Additional beds must be used only to treat patients with fever who show symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases and patients must be charged only 50% of the lowest tariff category of the hospital.

Hospitals and nursing homes in Delhi must follow a specified floor to bed ratio to get registration. They have to also provide 80 square feet space for one bed and 60 square feet for every additional bed in a ward, not including space for toilets. Additional ‘fever beds’ can be added in corridors and patients can even share beds in a crisis.


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