Karana-Tales of the Kathak

book launch shovana Narayana with dancer and author Dhriti Swarup with eminent dancers

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: ‘MANCH PRAVESH’ was an event that was showcased by Dhriti. To her she performed what was called a ‘stuti’- an invocation to the lord helping her in her recitals for future endeavors. Dhriti then performs the ‘teen taal’ which consists of 16 matras from ‘taat’ to ‘tukdas’ and intricate footwork that exhibits her command over the nuances which define a true kathak exponent.

Dhriti Swarup, (3)

This is then followed by ‘Dhamaar’- a ‘taal’ that consists of 14 matras which is a routine of ‘thaat’, ‘aamad’,’tukdas’, and footwork which shows Dhriti’s mastery of the kathak’s technical aspect.

In the Nandkumaarashtakam, Dhriti then had described, the exquisite Krishna decked in a garland of forest flowers as the personification of the supreme Bhrahmaand. It was then dispersed with the Govardhan Leela Gat Bhav.

This event took place along with the launching of the book ‘Karana’ that happens to be a Kathak Perspective which invites everyone to experience the Karanas and their interpretation of a Kathak Dancer.


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