Teens drown in Yamuna

Father of one of the boys who drowned, said if he had any idea that the kids were going to the Yamuna, he wouldn’t allowed them as neither knew how to swim

Delhi,Yamuna,boys drown in Yamuna

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Ankit Maan left his house with cousin Aaditya and five other classmates. He had supposedly told his parents that he was going to the stadium to practise running. Two hours later Ankit’s family received word from the police at 8AM that Ankit drowned at the yamuna and lost his life.

While Ankit’s body was found, Aditya’s body is yet to be traced. Pradeep Maan(Ankit’s Father) said that the children lost their lives because they lied to their respective families. The father of Nitin Pal, whose body remained un-traced till late Sunday evening, saying that since the Yamuna is overflowing, the administration should have made adequate measures to ensure no one goes near it.



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