Gulmarg Biosphere houses multiple vulnerable species

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Neighbourhood Travel Desk: The reserve area located in Srinagar is famous for retaining several rare and endangered species such as the musk deer and a rich and varied avifauna flora.

The area holds a rich cover of vegetation. The principal species are Cedrus Deodar, Pinus Griffith, Abies Pindrow, Aesculus Indica etc. The ground cover over here is also very rich and Dicotyledonus herbs dominate the area, comprising of Rumex Patientia etc.

Nature has gifted this Biosphere Reserve with multiple species of rare, endangered and protected species. The main species found over here are Hangul, Musk Deer, Serow, Brown Bear, Leopard, Black Bear and Red Fox, etc.

The area houses a good population of pheasants and upland birds apart from other species, both resident and migratory. The common birds are Griffon Vulture, Monal, Snow Cock, Koklas, Blue Rock Pigeon, Kashmir Roller, European Hoopoe, Jungle Crow, etc.



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