Govt’s biggest survey begins from October

Survey, the first pan-Delhi data collection project to be carried out by the state government, will cover at least 3.8 million households.

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Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Delhi Government conducts a socio-economic survey for all the households in the capital every October to December in order to determine the requirements of the city’s infrastructure and which social welfare programmes can meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

Social welfare schemes include the public distribution system where food grains are given to low-income families, scholarships and pensions etc. Debolina Kundu, associate professor at the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) says that whatever little data that’s collected at the state level was considered a sample till now, which is considered a great step.

Survey will at least cover 3.8 million households includes assessment on families based on health, education, social security and transport. Planning department prepares a draft schedule of the survey and distributed to departments of Development, revenue, social welfare etc. for their comments and then in response modified to a final format.


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