Govt review GRAP measures to curb pollution

Supreme Court-mandated Environment pollution Authority had, written to chief secretaries of all NCR states seeking time to review measures under GRAP.

Delhi govt,pollution,Graded Response Action Plan

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Due to the Air Quality drop to abysmal levels, Delhi Government decides to review the measures of the GRAP plan (Graded Response Action Plan) in order to initiate it by mid-October in order to combat the toxins. The EPCA authority of the Supreme Court is set on meeting the higher ups of the Delhi Government on Monday to take preparations.

They had also written to the chief secretaries of all NCR states, such as Delhi, Haryana etc. to seek some of their time in reviewing the measures under GRAP. Senior Delhi government official says that the meetings are prepared to initiate the measures under GRAP along with the CAP (Comprehensive Action Plan) that was recently notified by the union Government.

GRAP has advice for all pollution level categories such as, Sprinkling of water on major roads Hiking of parking fee to banning use of diesel generator (DG) sets and shutting down of polluting factories etc. Measures are suggested to reduce-PM 2.5 and PM 10-the major pollutants in Delhi NCR, which can have adverse effect on public health.


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