Residents submit demands before Aawas Vikas Parishad

Image result for Ghaziabad residents submit demands before Aawas Vikas Parishad

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Apartment Residents of Ghaziabad had gone to the Aawas Vikas Parishad’s guest house in Vasundhara in order to submit their demands to commissioner Ajay Chauhan, but were only successful in doing so after a lot of tiffs.

The meeting that started late in the evening and lasted two hours, the residents had discussed various issues that were related to high TDS water supply, security threat in society’s premises and unavailability of Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) in the lifts. One of the residents said that these were only a few of the many issues that they face regularly.

They also complained that ever since they shifted into the society in 2016, they were forced to use water with the TDS value of more than 2,500. When Superintendent Engineer, KA Singhal, was asked this question, he assured that supply of Ganga water will start in 15 days.


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