Hrithik Roshan slams report of scaring off Disha Patani

Hrithik Roshan,Disha Patani,Kangana Ranaut

Neighbourhood Entertainment Desk/Avi Arya: Hrithik Roshan has just slammed a news report that claims that Actress Disha Patani had quit on the upcoming film that was supposed to feature both of them due to the accusations made against him. This report had compared Disha’s allegations to those made by Kangana Ranaut.

Hrithik in a tweet of his called the report ‘garbage’. He’s been involved in several public spats with another actor Kangana Ranaut, with whom he traded lawsuits because of the claims that was made by each party with regards to their alleged romance.

However it was recently reported that Disha never approached to star in the film at all. Source that is close to her had strongly denied the reports of her leaving the film and said that a newcomer like her for being a part of such a high profile films would be considered a dream. Disha is currently filming Ali Abbas Zafar’s latest collaboration with Salman Khan, Bharat.


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