New devices to battle pollution this winter


Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: This winter Delhi will try using three new devices that will try to improve the air quality such as installing of huge air purifying machines at polluted traffic intersections, mounting air filters on buses and mixing chemicals with cement to suppress construction dust.

An Official senior of the Central Polution Control Board (CPCB) said that the projects would be used on an experimental phase and are mostly aimed at the reducing the PM levels. These new devices and techniques were awarded to various research organisations after gaining approval by the department of science and technology.

These are the three types of Devices that are used:


Air Filter units that are mounted on the roof of any type of vehicle ranging from buses, cars, auto-rickshaws and even two-wheelers. When the vehicle moves air goes in the holes of the devices where it’s filters inside trap the pollutants and so only clean air comes out.


Known as Wind Augmentation and air purifying unit(WAYU) and was developed by IIT Bombay and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI). Rakesh Kumar, director of NEERI said that this device cleans the air in three ways.

First by removing particulate matter, Second by breaking down toxic pollutants to produce harmless carbon dioxide, Third is when the device sucks in the air by creating turbulence which helps in further dispersal of the pollutants.

3)Dust suppressants

P Gargava, member secretary of CPCB uses a technique in which a chemical called magnesium chloride, is often used to suppress dust by at least 8-10 hours in Construction and Demolition Sites.



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