Protesting at the Delhi School of Journalism

Eight Students Suspended For Protesting At Delhi School Of Journalism

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Delhi School of Journalism has been in the news since last year due to all the wrong reasons. Students and political groups are protesting against high fees that’s charged by DU’s newly launched Delhi School of Journalism ever since it started functioning.

Since last month when the new session started many questions were asked such as the lack of a permanent faculty, no media lab for the students and the lack of classrooms for holding lectures. Since then the students have been protesting for one month and students even were denied a meeting with the Vice Chancellor and other senior authorities.

Yesterday morning students started protesting at the Arts Faculty and sat on a hunger strike till evening. Today the Delhi police entered the campus after the institution released an official notice and eight students were suspended for disrupting the classes on campus and for preventing the administration to carry on their official work by blocking the entrance to the director’s room.


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