Mussoorie with extra Chill this Winter

After a wet monsoon, Mussoorie is preparing for an extra chilling winter with snow and refreshing cold breeze, predict weather experts of the region.

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Neighbourhood Travel Desk: A crack team of forecasters has unveiled their groundbreaking, revelatory conclusion: It’s going to be very cold in Mussoorie this winter.

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Using what it calls an “amazingly-accurate long-range forecast” based on a “mathematical and astronomical formula,” this group of regional weather experts predicted the coming winter will be “colder than normal,” or in more touristic terms, “refreshingly chilling.” It’s guessing that, along with “blustery and bitter winds” and “a sharp drop in temperature” around November or even late October, we’re going to get winter winds. Oh, and we’re in for “lots of snow!” Wonderful isn’t it!

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So there you have it: What’s been the wettest season for so many years will be complemented with chilling winter and lots of snow in Mussoorie. This is the silver lining over the dreadful Climate Change. But regardless of just how accurate the predictions are from our local experts, the forecast is a good reminder that with monsoon almost over, we’d do well to stop whining about how wet it is, and get ready for the chill and pack up to leave for Mussoorie – A White Mussoorie.


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