Golfing trend in Gulmarg hits hard to sports freak

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Neighbourhood Travel Desk: Gulmarg is known for the intrinsic beauty of its snow-clad. These snow covered regions attract a lot of outdoor sports fanatics. Along with the major sports like Skiing and mountain biking, the trend of golf is also gaining great mileage in Gulmarg.

Golfing in Gulmarg is usually a hit in the months of summers. Adjacent to the snowy ski slopes, the lush green and invigorating surroundings, highly contribute to the setting up of a perfect golf course.

Gulmarg Golf Club consists of massive 18 holes and the highest golf course in the world. Playing golf at such an altitude surely thrills oneself to his core.

Prime reasons to Golfing in Gulmarg are historic British golf course layout along with the highest altitude. It also dwells the dual-sided practice range for dedicated professionals.


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