Woman’s leg crushed on Railway Track

Flooded underpass,Train,Railway track

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: An accident had taken place when Krishna Devi who works as a nurse had her leg crushed under a train in Faridabad when she was on her way to the Central Delhi Hospital. Members of her Family stated that she had no choice but to use the Delhi railway track in order to cross the stretch since the underpass was submerged in the flood.

Om Prakash, station house officer of the Government Railway Police, said that according to the investigation so far Devi had climbed on to the space between the two bogies of a stationed train but the report stated that the train starting moving, crushing her leg in the process.

A passerby, who knew the woman, had informed her family of what had happened, during that time Devi was rushed to a private hospital in Faridabad and was later referred to the AIIMS centre. Residents of the Green Colony said that the flooding of the underpass is considered a never-ending problem.


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