New Google platform helps in vacation planning

Google,Google Touring Bird,TouringBird

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: Google has just introduced a new platform called “Touring Bird” which is considered beneficial for tourists since it can list tours, attractions and activities for many popular travel destinations.

This website so far provides people information about 20 cities and more that includes New Delhi, Prague, Chicago, Amsterdam etc. and are planning to increase their coverage in the upcoming months.

The Touring Bird website said in a statement, “When you select a destination city, you’ll see popular attractions, suggested tours and activities along with prices, options for free guided tours and recommendations from locals and travel bloggers”.

This app comes with a “build-your-own package” feature where users are able to customize and compare price and preferences to help in finding the best match to their plan, along with booking and cancelling provisions.

Users are also able to bookmark their favourite activities and recommendations to a list and share it with their fellow followers.


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