Authorities search to reduce traffic

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Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: The 14-lane National Highway-24, which is considered one of the widest freeways in Delhi, faces a new traffic management challenge. The drive between UP Gate and Sarai Kale Khan is considered a breeze but the traffic is slowly crawling on the ring road that runs horizontally to the highway.

According to the report from HT, heavy pedestrian movement and absence of crossover options have created a traffic bottleneck at Sarai Kale Khan, whereas on the other side, the Bhairon Marg intersection gets clogged by the sheer number of vehicles that are pouring out non-stop from the signal-free highway.

Authorities are now searching for solutions, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has written to the public works department to build a pedestrian bridge. It also mentions that it may also build a single-carriageway flyover adjacent to the existing one at Sarai Kale Khan. For now, NHAI insists that the number of passenger vehicles on the widened NH-24, is the same as before, and 30% of the commercial vehicles have gone to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway that bypasses Delhi.

Amit Bhatt, director of Integrated Urban Transport at World Resources Institute, India says, “If the volume of traffic is more than the capacity of a road, any progressive planner would try to reduce the volume through demand-side management. But authorities here choose to increase the capacity by taking up space from medians and pavements, creating end-to-end roads that get filled up by traffic soon”.


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