Aadhaar database rescues lost children from the streets

aadhaar,aadhaar database,DCPCR

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: According to an official from the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), a group of children were rescued from the streets of Delhi and were reunited with their respective families with ease with the help of the authorities by matching their fingerprints using the Aadhaar database.

Over the past three months, officials of the Child Rights have rescued 13 children from the city. Out of 13 only seven were rescued were reunited with their families where as the others are currently places at child care institutions till their families are traced.

A DCPCR member said, “We found these children from different areas in the city during our ongoing exercise of mapping children in street situations. We found that they did not have their families here and had been missing from their homes. When we took their biometrics so as to issue an identity proof, their fingerprints matched with the Aadhaar card issued to them in their home states, such as Bihar and Haryana”.

Ramesh Negi, chairperson, DCPCR said, “The project of mapping children in street situations and getting their identity proofs made has helped in a constructive way for many children who had gone missing. Besides, with this exercise, we aim to enrol these children into schools or other institutions such as those for skill training”.


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