Commandos train to handle situations in Delhi Metro

CISF,CISF commandos,Delhi Metro

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: Due to the recent inputs from the Central intelligence agencies for the need to secure the Delhi metro trains inside the underground tunnels, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) decides to start a training program based on immediate response for its quick reaction teams.

Senior officers have said that this training will help the commandos be mentally equipped to handle situations related to cases such as a metro coach being high-jacked, rescuing passengers and neutralizing terrorists inside the tunnel. An officer that was associated with the program said that this training that has recently started is soon to be completed within three months and that this drill is being conducted between midnight and 4am when the metro operations for the public are closed.

The officer said in such a situation, commandos will approach the train from both ends. “Our role is to control the situation until the National Security Guards arrive. However, since the CISF is the first responder to any such situation in Delhi Metro, we need to be prepared and trained to handle such a crisis”.

Recalling challenges faced by commandos during the training, he said the tunnels remain dark and are relatively low on oxygen. “A medical team accompanies the commandos as they move into the tunnel. The tunnel has lights but they are very dim. In any such situation, the entire operation will have to be completed in the dark. Our men are already trained in handling weapons blindfolded”.


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