Delhi plans to clear impounded vehicles to minimize traffic

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Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya: The Delhi Police have told the Supreme Court that they are adopting to help in minimizing the traffic bottlenecks that are caused by a high volume of impounded vehicles that are parked outside police stations in different parts of the national capital.

One of the places that the court highlighted as a case in point asked the police in August to fix the problem outside Nizamuddin police station, where, junked vehicles had caused congestion and were made into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Delhi Police said that in its affidavit, it has drawn up a policy to dispose of seized vehicles, including their quick release on ‘Superdari’, shifting to new centralized malkhanas, and continuous follow-ups with the courts and civic authorities for disposal of the seized goods that are lying unclaimed for an extended period of time. The affidavit, which was filed by joint Commissioner of Police Alok Kumar, adds that the storage capacity of existing malkhanas is grossly insufficient in police stations, and the malkhanas are clogged by seized vehicles and illicit liquor.

Sushant Sinha, a road design and traffic engineering expert, said “The roads outside police stations are a mess. Not just Nizamuddin, if you look at the IP police station, an entire lane has been eaten up by impounded vehicles or case properties. A time-frame must be put in such cases after which these vehicles should be moved to a larger pit or should be auctioned off”.


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