Facebook creates 3D photos from regular photos

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Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: Face book is introducing 3D Photos in the News Feed and Virtual Reality to allow users to view and create 3D photos with life-like dimensions that include depth and movement. Users are also given the choice in adjusting and experimenting to help create multiple layers, contrast colours and textures in order to create as well as adjust them to look better for our own liking.

The technology that is used in the development of 3D photos is what captures the distance between the subject in the foreground and the background.

Here’s how to take 3D photos for Facebook:-

  • You will need a dual-camera phone or a smartphone with ‘Portrait Mode’ for 3D photos.
  • After taking the photo, share it on Facebook as a 3D photo.
  • You can then “scroll, pan and tilt to see the photo in realistic 3D”.

Facebook has started rolling out this feature today, and will be available to all users in the coming weeks. This feature would also be available to everyone in the upcoming weeks.


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