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Raisins: best way to prevent ageing risk among adults

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Neighbourhood Health Desk/ Garima Kotroo: Raisins rank among the top antioxidant foods that help in slowing ageing process of both the body and brain. Raisins are sweet and sticky but do not cause cavities and gum disease, but actually promotes good oral health. The essential nutrients in raisins, specifically one called oleanolic acid, are highly effective in killing the bacteria that cause cavities and periodontal dental disease.

In addition, raisins contain mainly fructose, glucose, and not the sucrose, which is the

main culprit in oral disease. Raisins also help in lowering the risk of age-related

macular degeneration (ARMD), the primary cause of vision loss in adults.

Quick serving ideas:

  • sprinkle raisin over any breakfast cereal, hot or cold, or mix it with other nuts

    for a high-energy, protein and fibre-packed homemade snack.

  •  Serve it as topping on ice creams and fruit salads.
  •  Add them to bread, muffins and cookies.

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