CEAT brings Gripp X3 for everlasting grip on roads

Image result for CEAT launches a new range of Gripp X3 tyres with Everlasting Grip

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/ Garima Kotroo: One of India’s leading tyre manufacturers, CEAT has launched the brand new Gripp X3 tyres for bikes with a unique feature of ‘Everlasting Grip’. This feature will provide constant grip throughout the life of the tyre.

This dual layer Tyre with extra grip helps the riders to maintain the same level of grip on the road enabling the safer riding experience. 

Nitish Bajaj, Senior Vice-President, Marketing, CEAT, said that with the Gripp X3 tyres, the company hopes to create a new benchmark in the motorcycle tyre space. 


Most of the customers have given good performance reviews and 5-star ratings to CEAT Gripp X3 

Read for more information: CEAT Gripp X3


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