Alexa helps in health monitoring

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya:

Amazon’s Alexa team has just started teaming up Omron Healthcare, which makes blood pressure monitors. The purpose of this team-up is to find new ways to bring its voice technology into health care.

In a report, the Alexa team has more than a dozen people that are focused on applications that range from maternity care to chronic disease. Now Omron’s blood pressure monitor, that’s sold on Amazon’s marketplace, can now merge with the Amazon’s Alexa voice, to help people manage their disease.

Users set up this system by linking their Omron cuff to the Amazon app. From there, Alexa connects them and can request readings of their latest blood pressure, or calculate the average readings and compare through different times of the day. Patients can also have Alexa remind them to take their blood pressure in case they forget.


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