Swine Flu goes up in Gurugram

Neighbourhood News Desk

Image result for Swine flu count up to 26 in Gurugram, eight new cases in three days

In Gurugram, the numbers of cases that involve Swine Flu continue to rise in Gurugram, where on January 26, where the count reached up to 26. According to the officials of the health department, eight new cases of H1N1 virus that tested new positive, was reported from the district between January 24 and 26.

Dr Jai Bhagwan Jatain, District malaria officer said that this season, all cases that tested positive is a type C H1N1 virus. The type A and B virus have symptoms such as the common cold and don’t require hospitalization, but type C on the other hand causes a dip in blood pressure along with breathing problems that require immediate hospitalization.

And so the workers of the health department and the municipal corporation of Gurugram (MCG) started conducting investigations to ensure no case goes undetected.


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