Emergency ambulance bike ready for action

Neighbourhood News Desk

Image result for Delhi’s first ambulance-bike batch, for congested areas, ready for action

For the first time, Delhi launches its first sixteen motorcycle ambulances on February 7. Purpose of these new forms of ambulances is providing first aid to those in need of emergency care and are stationed in the three crowded districts of East, Northeast Delhi and Shahdara.

They carry different kinds of Kits that contain air-splints to immobilize joints, ambu bag for assisted breathing, glucometer and pulse oximeter to check a person’s blood glucose and oxygen levels, manual suction machine to clear airway, and foldable transfer sheets that move patients through a narrow stairwell or lane to the ambulance.

In case of any emergency, the motorcycles will be dispatched along with the ambulance vans and are expected to cut in half the response time of the normal medical teams. They’re even equipped with three beacons along with a siren and a GPS-enabled tablet.


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