Residents sense danger to escape collapse

Neighbourhood News Desk

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On February 27 that’s considered a usual working day; the four-storey Karol Bagh building that collapsed with the people inside would be tragic. But timing of this mishap in early hours of the morning, with the warning signs, and presence of the mind that’s displayed by local residents helped prevent this tragedy.

To the people, the collapse wasn’t considered a surprise, due to the residents stating that they would often see concrete shedding from a “visible gap” between the building and a bordering one. Even the multiple owners of the building refused to listen to their pleas of repair.

One of the residents said that they heard sounds of concrete shedding at 2am, but ignored it after assuming that it was water overflowing from the tanks. But after hearing the sounds growing louder at 8:20am, the resident ran to the terrace and looked at the gap between the two buildings. Realizing this, other residents were alerted and along with the workers, they rush out to safety.

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