Fight cancelling increases fares

Neighbourhood News Desk

Image result for Airfares soar over 100% as airlines cancel flights

It’s said that the Air passengers will soon face the trouble of high air fares and fewer flight choices. This is due to several airlines having cancelled their operations for many reasons; one of them involves the grounding of the 737-MAX aircraft.

According to industry insiders, some sectors show an increase of more than 100% in last minute bookings. Operations of airlines like SpiceJet and Jet Airways have been hit due to the government’s decision on March 13, in joining a global grounding of 737-MAX aircraft following a crash in Ethiopia.

The grounding led SpiceJet to cancel 14 flights on March 13.This number is expected to touch 32 on March 14. Jet Airways, that’s facing financial challenges, has already grounded four more aircraft over non-repayment of due to lessons, which is taking the total to 32.


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